More information about Coach Mike's Journey, and future plans for our team are coming soon.

Dear Boost Gymnastics Parents,


I am excited for the opportunity to be the new Head Team Coach at Boost Gymnastics. I have coached gymnastics for 24 years. In that time I have worked with the world’s best coaches, learning and analyzing what works best, and have developed a coaching regimen that I believe will be of the greatest benefit to all of our gymnasts.
My main goals are:
  • Teaching strong basic gymnastics skills that can be developed into advanced skills at the correct time
  • Being a positive influence now and in the future
  • Teaching our gymnasts how to be excellent team players in a sport that is typically all about the individual
  • Guiding the entire coaching staff so that we are all working toward these common goals

Gymnastics is a sport that develops your child’s mind and body like no other sport can, while preparing them for success in school, life, social situations and virtually all other sports.

Gymnastics can serve as a launch pad for a lifetime of health and fitness. In the gym your child can have fun, make friends, discover the value of setting goals and the importance of respect; learn how to follow directions; time management; and how to be a leader. He/She can do ALL of this while building strength, flexibility, balance, speed, agility, power, coordination, and grace!


I am excited to plant roots here in this wonderful city of Nashville and develop a leading gymnastics program in Tennessee. The incredible facility at Boost has so much to offer from the field house, spin room, pool and fitness center. This will provide our gymnasts with additional options for conditioning, cross-training, and rehab. I don’t know of any other gyms in the country with this luxury. 

Boost Gymnastics

11 Vaughns Gap Rd.
Nashville, TN 37205
(formerly Westside Gymnastics)